Returning to the D&D Table, CBR 36-40

I’ve been planning a fresh D&D campaign for some friends who are visiting from the Netherlands this weekend. This has provided me with the opportunity to finally try the fifth edition; I’ve been using the fourth since 2011 and never bothered to switch over until now. Well, fifth edition has been around for three years now, so I thought it was worth a shot. We’ve yet to run my new campaign, but even a cursory look at the books gives me the impression that fifth edition is a whole lot more streamlined. I’ll not give anything away on the campaign in case my players read this, but it should be entertaining.

The latest five chapters of Civilization Battle Royale are up of course; World’s End, Cold Winds in Europe, Rifling, A Continent in Turmoil and The Last Day. I’m particularly fond of that last one. This book could well be over a hundred chapters when completed; it’s swiftly becoming the most lengthy and comprehensive text I’ve ever written. One of the most important themes in the book is the nature of time; the stories of Civilization are told over six thousand years of course. If you haven’t read it yet, go do it; it’s all up for free on this site.

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Re-running Aquis, CBR 31-35

For those who have been following this blog for a few years, you may be aware that Tales from Aquis started out its life as a tabletop role-playing scenario I wrote and ran back in 2013. I still have the materials for the original scenario, and over this week at the college I’ve been running it again for my students. It’s been quite entertaining to see how differently they react to my friends from University who played the original- and how some of them have made the same mistakes. I have modified it from the 2013 version, it incorporates a lot of the stuff that was added for the novelisation in later years, and it’s really been an excellent way to test my knowledge of the world and push at the boundaries of what I have built. The core of the book is down on paper at this point; its a case of editing what I have and further embellishing on certain aspects of it for the most part.

This last month has also seen the release of five more chapters of the Civilization Battle Royale Novel, as always, go check the page for the project. The new chapters are entitled Eyes to the South, One Night in Jerusalem, Another Returns, New Toys and Breath Before the Storm.

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel Chapters 26-30

Another month passes, another five chapters. End of Empire, Flames to Shake the Earth, The Partition of Britain, Freedom in Isolation and Pikes Raised High. One of those chapter titles should be a dead giveaway as to how bizzarrely different world history is in the world of the Civilization Battle Royale.

The world trembles, as new weapons encroach upon the earth. Gunpowder, that mysterious black dust that ruptures city walls, has been let loose on the world. As always, check out the page for the project, where the entire book is up for free.

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel Chapters 21-25

Five more chapters of the Civilization Battle Royale novel- Men in White, Birth of the Armada, The Distant King, The World Beckons and The Lives Crushed all launched over the last five weeks, from the 13th of March through to the 10th of April. Between them, these five weave the next installments in our epic, covering plots from Asia to Antarctica. Stories of immortals in lands forgotten, all driven to build an empire that will stand the test of time. If you haven’t read through these yet, make sure to jump over to the CBR page and check it out, it’s all up there for free.

Translating the Logical Tongue

Ah, I love the Lojban community. For those who are unaware, my next major title Tales from Aquis will involve an element of Lojban, an open source logical language. The community has been very helpful in translating text for me. Last night I came to them with a book title that needed translating, and sparked an hour-long debate with seven translators coming in to offer their suggestions and support.

Tales from Aquis has become a labour of love for me. I first put pen to paper on this creature almost five years ago, and in that time it has dramatically expanded in scope and depth beyond anything I had originally envisaged. It may take it’s time, but damn is it going to be good when it’s done.

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel Chapters 17-20

Hi there folks, started merging these posts together so that I don’t flood everyone’s feeds quite so much! From here on out I will be doing these in batches of five.
Three new chapters of late- The Bringer of Ruin, Jaws of the Turtle and Across Hidden Shores. Three more chapters of our world in peril, as the machines of war continue to roll. We visit three theatres here- West Africa, East Asia and finally Europe, where the Roman empire is circling the drain. Another three chapters of our Civilization Battle Royale.

As always, go check that out on the page for the project.

Civilization Battle Royale Chapters 15 and 16

Another two chapters over the last fortnight- The Crisis of Padan Plain covering the events in Northern Italy, and When the Bosphorus Runs Red, covering the battle for Constantinople. From darkened evenings at the Roman Palantine to the crumbling statues on the sea of Marmara, we are almost 1600 years into the delicious madness that is the Civilization Battle Royale. Go check them out on the Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel page!

From here on out, I’ll probably just do a post every five chapters or something, to stop this from continually flooding the site. Seeya!

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel, Chapter 14 – The Twins

Welcome back to the wonderful mash of history that is Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel. This week’s chapter is the debut of the Trung sisters. In our world, they were a dynamic duo that led Vietnam during the first century against Chinese domination- but in the Battle Royale, they are fighting on equal footing with many other nations and have become somewhat of a fan favourite. Enjoy the next chapter of our wonderful Battle Royale over here.

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel, Chapter 13 – The Battle of Hastings

Welcome back to the wonderful mash of history that is Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel. This week’s chapter is an English one, the homeland of yours truly. We have the Battle of Hastings to contend with this time. You may have heard of the 1066 battle in southern Great Britain- but I am of course referring to the 2635 BC incident in Iberia, in the world of our wonderful Battle Royale.

You can catch up on all the delicious action over here.