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Elevator Hijinks

My partner and I got trapped in an elevator at a Dutch train station. A glass one stopped halfway between two levels, leaving us with a rather tense hour as four fire fighters, two police officers and three engineers tried to free us. The thing was 85 feet up and kept shaking, with the lights flickering. They were eventually able to slowly lower it to the bottom and get the doors open, but it was rather traumatic. We missed our flight home as well, though the airline was kind enough to reschedule us on another flight for free. Glad to be home!

An Interesting Plane Journey

So this week I went off to the Isle of Man to visit my family, catching a plane out of Manchester. Just as we reached 4,000ft one of the two engines failed. The captain kept control of the vehicle just fine, and started us round in a circle. I can only presume he was using the rudder and flaperons to compensate as otherwise the plane would go into a roll or spin, seeing as both the centre of lift and the centre of thrust were now off to one side.

He flew us round in a circle and got us permission to land on a nearby runway, and we returned to the ground just fine. A fleet of fire engines were waiting on the runway as a precaution, as the captain did not know why the engine had failed. They weren’t needed thankfully, and the following day the airline was borrowing planes from another company to get us moving again.

Those planes are designed to stay airborne with one engine and all, but I still find it rather harrowing.

New Computer!

So, last week I constructed a new computer. It’s… a tad powerful. Suffice to say I was rather excited for the arrival of all of the components- a GTX 1080, i5 6600k, 32GB of InsaneX Ram… The Ninjabeast III went together surprisingly quickly- with the exception of the secondary hard drive everything worked on my first attempt, which is lovely to see. With the computer 95% functional, I got it running Doom last night with maximum settings. It didn’t even blink at the heavy load; it’s incredible.
The Ninjabeast was originally put together in 2010, and has been upgraded and tinkered with almost constantly since. This is a major upgrade, but even so it still contains a few hard drives and cables from that first incarnation. The spare bits leftover from the upgrade have now formed a second computer called the Dragon, which my partner uses so that we can play together.
Looking forward to playing Civilization VI along with many other games on the latest incarnation of the ‘beast.

Moving House!

It’s that time again. Recently got a new job teaching games design in Southampton, so it’s time to pack up all the gore and viscera that plaster our walls and get them into a moving van. A stressful affair perhaps, but I am looking forward to our new house. We’ve the money now to go for a bit of an upgrade, so we will actually have a dedicated office room- all the more space for creating that dastardly content you love.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Awesome

lightsaber duelSo Star Wars was absolutely fantastic. Leah and I headed down to a local cinema at midnight so we could be there for the first possible screening, and damn was it good. We are both rather large Star Wars fans, so it was insanely fun. I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the various novels they have launched; I love the messy politics of that series. Looking forward to where things are going; we basically have a film every year from here on out, with the anthology releases happening. Awesomeness.

Meanwhile, pushing on with Aquis while gearing up for Christmas. Fun as always!

Meanwhile in the North Sea

Ah, the end to a wonderful journey. Leah and I got stuck in Amsterdam overnight, with the storm that is currently hovering over the North Sea delaying our flights by a day. Hopefully, I should be on my way back over to British soil in the next half hour. It has been one hell of a journey across six countries, but we will be glad to get back to our home in Exeter.

In Paris, but safe

Sitting in my hotel in Paris at the minute, safe away from the shootings and bombings in the city tonight. My partner Leah and I have been here all week on holiday, but we are safe. It’s absolutely awful. Just three hours beforehand, we were in Disneyland Paris where the castle had the word “peace” projected across it in four languages. A shame that there are those in this world who seek to bring about violence in the cultural heart of Europe. My thoughts go out to the people trapped in the city tonight.

Edit- The following morning, Leah and I walked out into the city to buy supplies. As many did, we decided to spend the day inside, keeping out of the way of the police investigation, and so wanted a few supplies.

Paris on the 14th of November was a changed place. The shops bustled with families picking up food and other necessities- but everything was oddly quiet. The only sounds to be heard were the voices of children, those too young to understand what was happening.

A Tribute to Terry Pratchett

Alas, there is one less great person in this world. I was a long-time reader of Pratchett’s work, but never had the honor to meet him in person. However, I do know for a fact that his imagination opened doors for many others to follow in his footsteps, and that his books will live on far longer than he. I have seen a number of potent writers pay their tributes in the last few days, but perhaps the strongest came from his assistant and friend Rob Wilkins.


Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.

The End.