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Easter at the Eden Project

Easter! I spent the day wandering around the Eden Project here in the southwest of England with some good friends of mine. For those who don’t know, the Eden Project is essentially a vast greenhouse containing four acres of tropical rainforest.

It makes one hell of an excursion, especially for someone like me. I spent much of my childhood wandering round forests, and still find something very tranquil about them. It can be seen in my writing often- forests are places to hide away from the world, and are filled with mysterious adventures.

Still working on the unknown project; I am now writing the final chapter of the story and will soon be presenting that painting I talked about earlier. Till then; enjoy the bank holiday and check back soon 😉

Painting from the Night Vegas Fell

Vegas CloseupWorking on a painting at the moment in celebration of the upcoming book… Thought I would tease you folks with a small portion of it.

Oh, this is gonna be a good ‘un.

I’ve spent the last week or so working on the ending of the book, sculpting wonderfully gritty fight scenes and who knows what else. Hang in there, ladies and gentlemen; this book will be somewhat of a bumpy ride.

A Fragment of the Coming Storm

DSCN0763editThis is a photo I took in Annecy last year. It is a city I visited in the French alps, isolated by the mountains. Thanks to the unusual topology, the area is frequented by localised thunderstorms. I found myself standing on the lakefront, basking in sunshine, while on the far side of the lake that mountain was absolutely smothered by a swirling lightning storm. It was quite the inspiration, especially thinking of my current project…

I had myself a lengthy writing session for it last night, which bore the fruit of a further 1,200 words. I was working on a beautifully brutal sequence, and thought I would give you a fragment of it:

‘It could be quick. Painless even. But I want to make you suffer, suffer like no-one has ever imagined. I will kill you piece by piece, wear away at who you are until you remember nothing but a lifetime of pain. It is amazing, what one can achieve through manipulation of the mind.’

Phanuchanat and I have been working on the cover as previously mentioned, and it’s going to be glorious. Once the cover is done, I am going to  post it here so fast scientists will be scratching their heads and murmuring about ‘speed of light delays’. Till then, seeya!

Contract Down!

contractOh, that sweet sweet contract feel. Yesterday I had brunch with my lovely publishers over at Magic Oxygen, and signed the contract for the next book! We had talked about it in the past of course, but its great to have it down on paper so to speak. In the meantime I have been doing some sketching for the cover of that big question mark in the sky, it’s going to look real impressive.

As before, I have Phanuchanat Chareonsap working alongside me, an epic artist I met back in university. We worked together on the cover for A Cloak of Glass, and it’s fun to do so again. The text is still rolling along of course, numerous sessions in the early hours of the morning have been sculpting all those editing problems out. I will let you folks know more as soon as I can.


Tales from Aquis and Progress Bars

Continued my big proof-read of the new book the other night, and three hours melted away before I realised that time had passed at all. Life is funny that way.
On another note, we now have these fancy progress bar things on the right! I set those up today; they will let you guys keep track of just how far I am into my projects.

As you can see; two major projects on the go at the minute. First off we have the “85% complete” item that I swear to god will tell you about soon. I’m actually going to be working on the cover for that this week, but more on that later.

‘Tales from Aquis’ be our second item. I actually started writing that project waaaaay back in 2012, but at some point Children of the Crater and its sequel became the focus of my attention. Good ol’ Aquis was never forgotten though, and I have bounced back into it from time to time. Seeing as I have talked about this on my old art blog over the intervening years, I guess there is no problem giving out some details that are already public. I have heard the term hydropunk thrown around a little bit, but one could equally call it a fantasy story which just happens to be set at the bottom of the ocean. It actually started out life as a tabletop gaming story I wrote to play with some friends back at university, funny how things evolve that way. Suffice to say, I plan on giving it some more time when the more immediate projects are finished.



Mmm, that fresh website smell. Updated just about every aspect of this website in a big overhaul over the past few days, for I will be launching a new book this year! As for exactly what that is, you will have to wait and see. A storm is coming, shall we say? I have been hinting at it a long time, but it will totally be worth it. Over the past six months or so I have been writing every day on this project, so it is wonderful to see how close it is coming to fruition. We are perhaps 85% done?magic oxygen lit fest

I talked about it (very briefly) at the Magic Oxygen Literary Festival last weekend;  a wonderful event in Lyme Regis centered around the literary prize that Magic Oxygen run. It was my first appearance in public as an author, so kind of a big deal. Anyway, enjoy what remains of your lifespan, and I will be back here with more tantalizing hints at some point. Maybe.


Publisher’s Barbeque

Had a barbeque with my publishers Magic Oxygen yesterday, wonderful people. In the midst of restructuring this sequel too, got a brand new opening sequence in front of me now. It’s interesting coming back to that after working on ‘A Cloak of Glass’; I feel like I know some of these characters much better as a consequence.