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Aquis Progress and Odin Statue

Odin StatueA new render of Odin’s statue. I’ve been brushing up my portfolio a bit, and shiny new renders were in order. He looks unwaveringly badass in this one.

My time seems to all go into writing and 3D artwork these days; and what a lot of it I have been working on. Tales from Aquis might well end up being my longest novel yet. I’m aiming for about 100,000 words, if I have my way.

Writing progress on that has accelerated recently; I’ve been carving through the sixth chapter with my eyes already on the seventh.

New announcements are inbound, as always- keep your ears peeled and your eyes bloody.


Mmm, that fresh website smell. Updated just about every aspect of this website in a big overhaul over the past few days, for I will be launching a new book this year! As for exactly what that is, you will have to wait and see. A storm is coming, shall we say? I have been hinting at it a long time, but it will totally be worth it. Over the past six months or so I have been writing every day on this project, so it is wonderful to see how close it is coming to fruition. We are perhaps 85% done?magic oxygen lit fest

I talked about it (very briefly) at the Magic Oxygen Literary Festival last weekend;  a wonderful event in Lyme Regis centered around the literary prize that Magic Oxygen run. It was my first appearance in public as an author, so kind of a big deal. Anyway, enjoy what remains of your lifespan, and I will be back here with more tantalizing hints at some point. Maybe.