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Escalion Cover Breakdown


Thought you folks might enjoy this- a breakdown of how the wonderful Phanuchanat Chareonsap and I put together the cover for The Clouds of Escalion. It’s been about six months since the second book launched, and I’m still overawed by the cover sometimes.

Here is our process- from tiny thumbnail in my omnipresent notebook to loose sketches and eventually final painting. Slightly attached to that notebook- in addition to the cover sketches for Escalion, it also contains pages and pages of notes from editing Children of the Crater in 2013, the as yet unreleased Tales from Aquis and a whole host of other illustrations.

Aquis Progress and Odin Statue

Odin StatueA new render of Odin’s statue. I’ve been brushing up my portfolio a bit, and shiny new renders were in order. He looks unwaveringly badass in this one.

My time seems to all go into writing and 3D artwork these days; and what a lot of it I have been working on. Tales from Aquis might well end up being my longest novel yet. I’m aiming for about 100,000 words, if I have my way.

Writing progress on that has accelerated recently; I’ve been carving through the sixth chapter with my eyes already on the seventh.

New announcements are inbound, as always- keep your ears peeled and your eyes bloody.

Steven Universe Gem Temple in 3D

Thought I would give a little peek at a project I was working on. While hunting down games design jobs, I thought it would be fun to build the Gem Temple from Steven Universe in 3D as a demonstration. The whole thing was set up in five days, using Unity 5. With the plugin, you could actually walk around it in-browser.

More screenshots over here.
2017 Edit: Unity depreciated the web plugin the following year, so the environment is no longer playable- but the screenshots are still up.

Sketches of Rulers from Civilization V

So, I’m a ridiculous fan of the Civilization franchise. Not really a New Year’s resolution per se, seeing as I started this project in late December, but I’ve been doing a sketch of a historical ruler each day to work on my drawing skills. I won’t spam you with every single one on here, but here are a few of my favourites from the last week:


From left to right we have Maria Theresa of Austria, Otto von Bismarck of Germany, and Theodora of the Byzantines.

Imgur album with all the drawings, newest first, updated daily.

I originally picked historical rulers if only because there are so many paintings and photographs, depending on era, to use as reference, and then decided that the playable rulers of the Civilization franchise were as good a set as any other to work with. It’s certainly helping my drawing!

WIP Painting- Rand al’Thor

Been rather absorbed in The Wheel of Time recently, an excellent fantasy series by the late Robert Jordan. I thought I would share a work in progress painting I had been working on of the protagonist, Rand al’Thor. This is only a small chunk of a much larger painting, which I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on. The full version will have both Mat and Perrin in there as well; you can just about see the sketchy brim of Mat’s hat floating in the top corner.

Cover Unveiling- The Clouds of Escalion

It is indeed that time! As promised, the official cover for The Clouds of Escalion. This one was painted by myself and Phanuchanat Charoensap, who you may remember from the A Cloak of Glass cover. She and I painted this one together over several months, bouncing it back and forth across the internet.TheCloudsOfEscalionCover

The Clouds of Escalion is of course the sequel to my first novel, Children of the Crater, which was released in 2014.
Escalion is all but done; I am about two thirds of the way through the final proof read before it is sent off to Magic Oxygen for formatting and printing. And of course, this coming March you folks will be able to read it for yourselves. Who is that mysterious girl on the cover? All will be made clear.

New book oncoming- The Clouds of Escalion- March 2016

You heard that right!
In March 2016, there will be a new book on the shelves with my name on it-
The Clouds of Escalion, the long-teased sequel to 2014’s Children of the Crater.

She could sense it, out there in the greater world. A power so large and horrific it sent chills down her spine to even think of it. It was manifold darkness, two faces that screamed into the night as they awoke. She could almost feel the storm brewing on that distant horizon, the clouds blacking out the stars one by one.

I will be officially unveiling the cover of my new dystopian adventure right here on next Saturday (24th October); Phanuchanat and I have worked many a long hour on it. For now here is a poster to keep you salivating.
For a long time, the progress bars on have featured a project simply marked “????” which I am pleased to announce has in fact been The Clouds of Escalion in disguise. The text is pretty much finished; I got it back from Magic Oxygen’s wonderful editor Izzy recently and I am in the midst of the final proof read. I started writing this one back in April 2014, just before the launch of Children of the Crater, and I think it really benefitted from the additional experience I had by that point.

I hope you folks will have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!