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Weekend Madness

600 new followers in a single weekend on twitter? That is… madness. I haven’t even announced  the thing yet, you guys! A big thanks to the 150 people who checked out “A Cloak of Glass” last weekend, wonderful to talk to you lovely people. That story will always be up there for free, for anyone who wants to have a gander. Might tide you over while you wait for this announcement thingamajig!

Publisher’s Barbeque

Had a barbeque with my publishers Magic Oxygen yesterday, wonderful people. In the midst of restructuring this sequel too, got a brand new opening sequence in front of me now. It’s interesting coming back to that after working on ‘A Cloak of Glass’; I feel like I know some of these characters much better as a consequence.

A Cloak of Glass Launch

A Cloak of Glass has now been officially released! Its available online absolutely free; you can download it in any format or even read it online below.

Go check it out! There are some hints in here for the next book, which is still in development at this end. Enjoy!