The Author

Connor Cadellin McKee Connor Cadellin McKee, named after a fictional warrior and a mythological wizard, grew up on a nomadic journey across Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and England. Today he creates his own warriors and wizards, in the form of literary bloodbaths that people somehow agree to print. Writing from the age of 16, he is never one to give up on a project no matter how many years it may take- and writing books is certainly a lengthy process. He grounds his works in extensive research, and has learned a lot on his journey. From the physics of supersonic flight to the potential sociological impact of magic, it’s all there in his ungodly asperger’s syndrome memory.

His first novel Children of the Crater launched in 2014, chronicling the destruction of morality in a war among those with incredible powers. A sequel soon followed in the form of The Clouds of Escalion, with more to come.

Today he is also working on Tales from Aquis, set in an eponymous fantastical city at the bottom of the ocean. Four years and-counting of writing already on the page, it promises to be a unique tapestry of intrigue and deceit. He also writes the novelization of Civilization Battle Royale, a 6,000-year epic of war and politics that is released in the form of free weekly chapters online. You can find that as well as his other stories right here at!