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D&D- The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish

character art by one of my players, Yazzart

Our D&D game continues. I’ve woven the official adventure The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish into the next arc, which has them retracing a historical expedition into the Barrier Peaks. I’ve modified the story to fit with the existing world, and that has resulted in some interesting shenanigans.

Last session, the group were exploring an area despite rumours of some sort of creature that can turn you to glass if you look at it. The group proceeded blindfolded, relying on the verbal guidance of Gearbox, a little drone that is along with them. Of course, they got attacked by an Ooze during their travels- which they had to then fight blind, with only the high-pitched terrified voice of Gearbox going “No, no it’s over there! On your left!” It was really quite entertaining.

Civilization Battle Royale Novel complete, asides from final editing pass.

Whoa. The entirety of the book, all 146,000 words of it, is now available on the site for free and always will be.

This update also contains the acknowledgements section, just as a way of thanking the many people without whom this book would not have been possible. It’s been an incredible journey writing this.

A quick reminder of our road map from here: I plan on doing a proof-read of the book from start to finish, along with consistency editing (hoverbike, hover bike or hover-bike?) to give the text that final layer of polish. I have been doing some of that as we have been going, but taking a step back and going from the top down is always important. As part of this final polish, I also plan on adding a set of small illustrated banners into chapter title pages, indicating what approximate era we are in.

It’s been one hell of a ride, and I think I’ve become a better writer somewhere along the journey. Until next time, seeya!