Civilization Battle Royale Concludes

Hi there folks. After three years, the Civilization Battle Royale Mk II, the game upon which the novel is based, has concluded. It’s been one hell of a journey, with the game almost being lost a couple of times to crashes. At one point the organisers had to reconstruct the entire game by hand, tile by tile, unit by unit in a fresh save. But after trials and tribulations, high times and low, the game has finally concluded.

The novel too is not far from completion now, seeing as it rapidly caught up with the game during hiatuses. Based on the content I have yet to adapt, I estimate that the final chapter of the novel will go out in February of 2019.

It won’t truly be the end, as I am planning on doing a comprehensive edit and polish of the book as a whole after that date. Additionally, the team behind the revived incarnation of the game will be running fresh incarnations of the format under the name CBRX.

I’d like to thank everyone involved- Tpangolin and the BluCassette team, as well as the myriad of artists, narrators and the community who built such a wonderful project.

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