100 Chapters of Civilization Battle Royale

Hi there folks. Good lord, I can’t believe we hit 100 chapters- but this October it will have been two years since I began my endeavour, releasing one chapter a week to adapt the entirety of the Civilization Battle Royale. Well, here we are- and 100 chapters in we are rapidly approaching the endgame. In The Thin Green Line, Forces are mobilising for what will be the final war of this epic game. I estimate we have another 20 chapters of content remaining, give or take a few for wrapping up, so I can say with some certainty that the book will be complete in the first few months of 2019, perhaps around February.

Dungeons & Dragons continues- at the moment the players have worked out that an evil organisation is hunting one of them- but they could be after one of two players, so it’s all resulting in delightful paranoia. The two of them have escaped the wreckage of the Prophet I, but it seems their problems are only just beginning.

In other news, I’ll be starting my first actual lectures at the university soon, which I am looking forward to delivering. It includes a unit that centres on tabletop games, including D&D– which is literally perfect.

Until next time!

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