Civilization Battle Royale Novel

coversmallGreetings folks. A new project emerges- I’m going to be handling the official (free!) novelization of Civilization: Battle Royale.

The novel will be posted online for free, chapter by chapter over the coming weeks. The prologue was launched Wednesday 12th, and you can read that here. From there we will do a chapter every Wednesday. For those who haven’t heard of Civilization: Battle Royale, it’s a simulation that has 61 AIs battling it out for global domination using all the economic, political, religious and military might civilization can offer, running on Sid Meier’s Civilization V. They’ve been fighting for over a year and are still at it- and now I will be bringing the novelization into being. Delicious politics, gritty warfare and all of the chaotic goings-on of our beautiful world.

Don’t you worry about this delaying my other projects like Tales from Aquis, those are still very much at the fore and have been racing ahead. I recently completed a full proof-read of Aquis, and have all kinds of juicy ideas bubbling up for that one.



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