Monthly Archives: September 2016

Escalion Cover Breakdown


Thought you folks might enjoy this- a breakdown of how the wonderful Phanuchanat Chareonsap and I put together the cover for The Clouds of Escalion. It’s been about six months since the second book launched, and I’m still overawed by the cover sometimes.

Here is our process- from tiny thumbnail in my omnipresent notebook to loose sketches and eventually final painting. Slightly attached to that notebook- in addition to the cover sketches for Escalion, it also contains pages and pages of notes from editing Children of the Crater in 2013, the as yet unreleased Tales from Aquis and a whole host of other illustrations.

The Last Echo, and Just a Minor Malfunction

1708380905Hey there folks, some good news!

A short story of mine, The Last Echo is going to be included in the second issue of Ohio based sci-fi magazine JAMM (Just a Minor Malfunction). Over the last few weeks I’ve been tweaking the text, and my it packs a punch. The Last Echo has never been publicly released, until now.

JAMM #1 (left) launched back in May with contributions from a dozen authors, so I’m proud to be included in the second issue. #2 should be hitting shelves in November, I’ll keep you posted with more info as we roll forwards on that one. Keep an eye on the Indiegogo for the second issue over here as other authors are announced for the volume.