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Review: The Stormlight Archive 1 & 2

So, I recently finished reading The Way of Kings (2010) and Words of Radiance (2014), the first two books of what will be a much longer series when completed. The Stormlight Archive is an epic fantasy series from prolific author Brandon Sanderson, a writer I admire somewhat for his detailed magic systems and mechanics.

Much of the books deal with a war taking place on the Shattered Plains, a huge battlefield crisscrossed with huge stone chasms. With armies marching from plateau to plateau over bridges, it leads to some really interesting tactics coming into the fore. Throw into the mix a small number of weapons known as shardblades- capable of cutting through anything, even the soul- and we have a potent cocktail of warfare.

Stormlight is a rich, detailed world, with plenty of factions, political wrangling and military action. I almost consider this series to be Sanderson’s answer to The Wheel of Time, that 80-million-copies epic of Robert Jordan. Sanderson completed the series after Jordan’s untimely passing, based on the notes of the late author- and I feel that Sanderson’s already potent skill has grown for doing so. Here we have a lengthy series so thoroughly fleshed out that it’s in danger of rearing up and attacking the reader- well worth a look into.

I’ll be doing a few more of these review sections as we move forwards, so as always, keep your eyes peeled. Not literally though. Put the peeler down. PUT IT DOWN.