How would you grow food in an underwater city?

Researching my books often leads me to strange places, but none quite this strange so far. As you may already know, Tales from Aquis will be set in a city at the bottom of the ocean, and the question of how the city can grow food came to mind.


Turns out there already is an Italian venture on that very front, growing food in pressurised capsules under the sea. Nemo’s Garden is a project to create a means of sustainable farming, which could potentially be of use in areas that lack fresh water sources. By managing an elevated level of carbon dioxide, they are actually able to accelerate plant growth. I love reasearching this sort of thing, as the harsh underwater environment of Aquis will surely have an impact on the city’s food source, energy, and just about every aspect of daily life

What kind of fish could you catch that deep in the ocean? What crops would be best for growing under those conditions? I’ve already had to work out how one would make alcohol down there, having settled on a drink called coyol that could be produced from the sap of palm trees. I always find that it is these sorts of details that help bring a fantasy world to life.

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