The Clouds of Escalion is out!

You heard that right. I recently returned from the event Magic Oxygen Publishing were doing, and it is glorious to hold a physical copy of my second book in my hands. The talk I gave, along with my wonderful editor Izzy Robertson at the event, was recorded and with luck I will be posting a link to that in a few days.

The Clouds of Escalion is now available. That’s right, there are two books with my name on them sitting on store shelves.


The hilarious thing about such events is that I leave them so energised for writing the next book that I am trapped in an eternal loop, continuing to write until I die, or mankind runs out of resources, or all the stars go out. Oh well, I can at least enjoy the ride. Go find the book, give it a whirl, and please remember to maintain regular breathing throughout. Human bodies generally need that oxygen thing to survive, and I don’t want anyone passing out and dying before the finale. That would be sub-optimal.


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