In Paris, but safe

Sitting in my hotel in Paris at the minute, safe away from the shootings and bombings in the city tonight. My partner Leah and I have been here all week on holiday, but we are safe. It’s absolutely awful. Just three hours beforehand, we were in Disneyland Paris where the castle had the word “peace” projected across it in four languages. A shame that there are those in this world who seek to bring about violence in the cultural heart of Europe. My thoughts go out to the people trapped in the city tonight.

Edit- The following morning, Leah and I walked out into the city to buy supplies. As many did, we decided to spend the day inside, keeping out of the way of the police investigation, and so wanted a few supplies.

Paris on the 14th of November was a changed place. The shops bustled with families picking up food and other necessities- but everything was oddly quiet. The only sounds to be heard were the voices of children, those too young to understand what was happening.

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