Monthly Archives: May 2015

All of the Dysfunctionality

Today I had a good old writing session. Which is to say, I lazed on the grassy riverbank outside and contemplated my next story. Still in the process of outlining it, but the core characters are already arguing with one another. We are going to have some hilarious dysfunctionality with these folks, I can assure you of that much.  The story has changed massively in the six years it has been bouncing around my head!

Hydropunk Resurrection

While the unnamed inbound project (soon) is off for editing, I’ve shifted my focus over to that good old hydropunk novel I have been talking about, ‘Tales from Aquis’. Still thrashing out a plan on that one and getting to grips with the characters again. Started that manuscript back in 2012, but it is going to be redone from scratch. It is tremendously fun going back over these old notes from university, reading about all the misadventures of our heroes.