Tales from Aquis and Progress Bars

Continued my big proof-read of the new book the other night, and three hours melted away before I realised that time had passed at all. Life is funny that way.
On another note, we now have these fancy progress bar things on the right! I set those up today; they will let you guys keep track of just how far I am into my projects.

As you can see; two major projects on the go at the minute. First off we have the “85% complete” item that I swear to god will tell you about soon. I’m actually going to be working on the cover for that this week, but more on that later.

‘Tales from Aquis’ be our second item. I actually started writing that project waaaaay back in 2012, but at some point Children of the Crater and its sequel became the focus of my attention. Good ol’ Aquis was never forgotten though, and I have bounced back into it from time to time. Seeing as I have talked about this on my old art blog over the intervening years, I guess there is no problem giving out some details that are already public. I have heard the term hydropunk thrown around a little bit, but one could equally call it a fantasy story which just happens to be set at the bottom of the ocean. It actually started out life as a tabletop gaming story I wrote to play with some friends back at university, funny how things evolve that way. Suffice to say, I plan on giving it some more time when the more immediate projects are finished.


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