Mmm, that fresh website smell. Updated just about every aspect of this website in a big overhaul over the past few days, for I will be launching a new book this year! As for exactly what that is, you will have to wait and see. A storm is coming, shall we say? I have been hinting at it a long time, but it will totally be worth it. Over the past six months or so I have been writing every day on this project, so it is wonderful to see how close it is coming to fruition. We are perhaps 85% done?magic oxygen lit fest

I talked about it (very briefly) at the Magic Oxygen Literary Festival last weekend;  a wonderful event in Lyme Regis centered around the literary prize that Magic Oxygen run. It was my first appearance in public as an author, so kind of a big deal. Anyway, enjoy what remains of your lifespan, and I will be back here with more tantalizing hints at some point. Maybe.


1 thought on “Inbound

  1. Tracey West

    Hey Connor – it was amazing to see you again at our launch event on Saturday and we are SO excited about the news of your forthcoming stories!

    Looking forward to working with you to elevate your work up into the stratosphere where it belongs, you’re a fabulous writer.

    Top man.

    Tracey x


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