Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel, Chapter 8 – Flames on the North Slope

It be the eighth chapter of our 6000 year epic- This time we turn our gaze to the northern alps, where the Romans are holding out. As always, has epub, mobi and PDF releases of the novel, as well as a PDF of just the most recent chapter. You can view that over here on the page for the project.

Secondly, I have another titbit I thought I’d share with you folks. Last week I did a flash fiction writing thing with my partner Leah, and made a stories with very short wordcount. Here is my personal favourite from that session- fifty words with the topic of “replacement”.

The man wore a false smile, nodding as the woman spoke. She couldn’t see the truth. Behind the mask lay something that was not human; that had never been human. He laughed at her joke, but the mirth did not reach his eyes. For in truth, he had no eyes.

I think I’ve been reading a little too much SCP recently. Anyhow, till next time!

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel, Chapter 7 – The Tasmanian Affair

Another week, another chapter. This time we return our gaze to the beautiful coast of South East Australia, where Henry Parkes is building his empire. As always, the chapter is available on the page for the project, in various eBook formats as well as in the form of an individual chapter release for those who want to dive straight into the action.

The Last Echo: New short story is now on shelves

15094479_1836745846537311_3986370375412435928_nIts true- after almost two years of random tinkering, The Last Echo is finally out and available to all. I actually wrote the original version back in 2014, and randomly tinkered with it for a further year and a half. The story was selected for the second issue of Ohio-based sci fi magazine JAMM (Just a Minor Malfunction), and is now available on Amazon worldwide.

Subject Echo awakes in a ruined city, long abandoned, with no memory of how she got there. Follow her in her search for the truth, and uncover what happened to the forgotten civilization…

The story received an editing spree from the highly skilled Michael S. Alter, and it promises to be quite the cracker.

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel, Chapter 6 – The Prophecy

It’s the sixth chapter of our epic, for which we turn our gaze over to Mexico as the Battle Royale continues. As always, check out the page for the project for the latest events in the ongoing AI battle.

In other news, the second issue of Ohio Sci-fi magazine was launched today, containing a short by yours truly. The Last Echo is among the stories contained within those pages. The Amazon links for international readers should be going up any day now, so I’ll post here with more information when those are available. Till then, stay tuned!

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel, Chapter 5 – On Black Shores

This week is chapter five, On Black Shores, our heartily awaited first Henry Morgan chapter. For newbies to the exciting craze that is Civilization Battle Royale, he be the leader of the Buccaneers. I had an excellent writing session for this project today, and completed almost an entire chapater of material in one sitting! As always, you can check out the book on the page for the project.

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel, Chapter 4 – Across the Ridge

Another chapter from the continually running epic that is Civilization Battle Royale. This week is chapter four: Across the Ridge, during which we move our gaze a little further east to behold Sparta. As always, you can check that out on the page for the project.

New Computer!

So, last week I constructed a new computer. It’s… a tad powerful. Suffice to say I was rather excited for the arrival of all of the components- a GTX 1080, i5 6600k, 32GB of InsaneX Ram… The Ninjabeast III went together surprisingly quickly- with the exception of the secondary hard drive everything worked on my first attempt, which is lovely to see. With the computer 95% functional, I got it running Doom last night with maximum settings. It didn’t even blink at the heavy load; it’s incredible.
The Ninjabeast was originally put together in 2010, and has been upgraded and tinkered with almost constantly since. This is a major upgrade, but even so it still contains a few hard drives and cables from that first incarnation. The spare bits leftover from the upgrade have now formed a second computer called the Dragon, which my partner uses so that we can play together.
Looking forward to playing Civilization VI along with many other games on the latest incarnation of the ‘beast.

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel, Chapter 3 – The Primum War

Chapter 3 of the Civilization Battle Royale novel is indeed out. This chapter is entitled “The Primum War”. now hosts up-to-date PDFs and eBook formats of the novel- you can read the whole book in one place for free over on the page for the project.

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel

Civilization Battle Royale: The Novel, Chapter 2 – Tasman Relations

Hi there folks, slightly early today on account of me heading out this evening during the normal launch window. Chapter 2 of the novel, Tasman Relations for your reading pleasure. As always, the latest chapter is available over on the page for the project. Note that Britain’s clocks go back an hour on October 30th, so the next release will be at 18:00 GMT rather than BST.


Review: The Wheel of Time

Where to begin? There are no beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time. Summarising this was never going to be easy, but here we go. In Tolkien-esque fashion, history fades to myth, myth fades to legend- but because time is circular in the Wheel of Time, legend fades to prophecy because the age that gave birth to it will one day come again.

Our civilization will continue to advance as the wheel rolls on, our civilization one day discovering magic and entering into a period known as “The Age of Legends”, with unprecedented prosperity and peace for mankind. Ultimately the Age of Legends will end in catastrophe, with mankind discovering an imprisoned source of energy known as “The True Power”, breaking the seal on the prison and ultimately releasing the Dark One and his power into the world. In the ensuing war, mankind became scattered and divided, the very continents thrown apart and civilization left in ruin. The Dark One was ultimately cast back into his prison by a man known as the Dragon, but at terrible cost.

The survivors of this conflict were reduced to swords and hand tools- but retained a limited knowledge of magic. These last people attempt to rebuild the world with what little they have and their fragments of the lost knowledge from the age before- while knowing that one day the Dragon will be reborn, the Dark One’s prison will give way, and the world will be plunged into chaos once again.

For those of you who have yet to read the Wheel of Time, my my. The series started with the release of The Eye of the World in 1990, and rapidly evolved into one of the most detailed fantasy worlds in all of literature. The author Robert Jordan tragically passed away in 2007, leaving extensive notes for the final installments which would be completed by Brandon Sanderson. With the posthumous conclusion of A Memory of Light in 2013, the epic cycle was completed, and dear god is it a good read. One of the best series I have ever read, and a strong recommendation to any fantasy lovers out there.